About Us

The Story Starts Here!

SSHE is a private business school based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality.

Our story began with group of young, dynamic faculty members gathering together to establish a truly unique educational experience that prepares industry professionals, as well as inspires students to apply knowledge and skills, gained during their experience in successful startups and their achievement of career goals in world’s leading companies.

At SSHE, we recognized a need to create industry-ready professionals, who are able to begin work immediately after graduation. To us, this means that our students must possess theoretical, as well as practical knowledge, accustomed to potential recruiters’ demands or serve to jumpstart one’s business.

That’s how our story began. Where will your story start?

Rasha Abou Hamzeh

Graduating from SSHE is really something that did matter to me. I'm so blessed and lucky that I found this school and that I've been its member for few months, few years -doesn't matter. This really has a huge impact on my life, on my career.

I am excited to share that I have completed two management courses in Swiss School of Higher Education - SSHE, Finance for Entrepreneurs with prof. Madina Kukenova, and Leadership & HR with prof. David Mc Partland. Thank you both for making these courses so engaging and valuable!

Fabiana Photo SSHE AlumniFabiana Schwenk